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Each team has chosen one (1) of the initiatives listed on the CDC website that interested the team members for the last paper. Your first team paper described the initiative and its importance, who the initiative would impact, and what professions would be involved in the initiative. For the final team paper, team members are to take that information one step further and design an interprofessional healthcare team that would plan and implement a program addressing the initiative. The 1000-1200 word paper should include the following:

one (1) paragraph describing the initiative and a specific target audience that your team would work with
describe the team’s proposal or plan for addressing the initiative
describe the professions impacted by the initiative and some of the moral and ethical considerations of the target audience and those impacted by the initiative
review this Sample Format for Final Paper

The paper should be in APA format following the guidelines set forth in the HSA Assignment Rubric. This paper will be due at the end of Week 6. It will be submitted in the Final Team Paper Dropbox which is found in Module 6. A peer assessment using the Peer Evaluation Rubric will be submitted only if students feel that the instructor needs to see the collaboration, or lack of collaboration, of the team members.
Guidelines for papers

Title Page
Running header
Properly formatted reference section
Please see the sample paper to understand how your submission should be formatted
Save your document as hsa2182_MOD1_last name. Example: hsa2182_MOD1_smith.
View Assignment Rubric
See the Style Guide for specific information on academic writing and formatting
Before posting, check for spelling and grammatical errors. If I cannot evaluate your content, you will not receive points.
Provide complete and concise answers to all questions, do not include questions or scenarios
Use scholarly writing for all answers including correct grammar, complete sentences, paragraph structure, professional terms
Use scholarly sources (e.g., textbook, journals, government agencies) less than 5 years old
Paraphrase content (i.e., rephrase in your own words) and cite/reference source, do not use quotes. Quotes are not permitted in this course in the discussion forums; use of quotes will result in loss of points.
Plagiarism is not tolerated. You must cite any sources you use to support your work, using APA formatting. Failure to cite appropriately may result in a report on plagiarism to the Academic Integrity Council.
The SPC online library has a guide to assist you with your use of citations and referencing, as does the Health Sciences Style Guide.

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