2-3 page papr (world history)

 Purpose of Assignment:
For this assignment you are going to look at the art and architecture created by the people we are studying this semester. Art is not just fun to look at, it tells us something significant about the people that created it. This is a chance for you to look at the objects people created in the past and to use those objects to discover more about history.
This assignment is designed to give you an interdisciplinary approach to understanding history. People produced much more than written documents throughout history. Humans have long created art, even before they developed into civilizations. Artistic representations reflect the beliefs, customs, norms, mores, and social structures of people, though sometimes it takes time to understand what is being conveyed by a piece of art. By looking closely, we get a visual representation of the people and societies that existed in the past. By studying the visual remnants of the past, it also gives students the opportunity to tap into different learning styles and concepts.
You will use your research skills to find strong, credible sources to use for research. You will use your critical thinking skills to assess how these artifacts can tell us about the civilization you are studying. You will use your writing and citation skills to fully complete the papr.
By completing this assignment, you will examine an artifact from a past civilization covered by the course. You will explain the artifact and how it was created and then apply your understanding of the artifact to the civilization it was created in.
You will write a two to three-page papr on the art or architecture you chose. Your papr should answer the following:
What civilization does this art represent?
What is the title of the piece?
Who is the artist (if possible)?
Why did you choose this piece?
How was the piece created? What is the medium?
Why was the piece created?
What does this work tell you about the civilization that created it?
How You Will Be Assessed:
You will be assessed on the strength and credibility of your sources, the quality of your writing, the inclusion of and formatting of footnote citations, and your analysis in regard to each part of the writing prompt. All successful assignments should include:
Title page with an appropriate title, and bibliography.
Double-space your pages, use Times New Roman 12pt font, 1″ margins all around
Three academic sources not including the textbook and provided website.
Citations for all facts and information from your research, not just the direct quotes

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