21) the air pollution project discussed in the chapter has progressed

21)          The air pollution project discussed in the chapter has progressed over the past several weeks, and it is now the end of week 8. Lester Harky would like to know the value of the work completed, the amount of cost overruns or underruns for the project, and the extent to which the project is ahead of or behind schedule by developing a table like Table 8. The revised cost figures are shown in the following table:
                                PERCENT OF                       ACTUAL               
ACTIVITY              COMPLETION                    COST ($)              
A                             100                                         20,000  
B                             100                                         36,000  
C                             100                                         26,000  
D                             100                                         44,0 00 
E                              50                                           25,000  
F                              60                                           15,000  
G                                    10                                    5,000
H                             10                                           1,000
perform certain calculations discussed in the assigned reading in order to derive an answer for each problem.
use Microsoft Excel to complete each problem and submit a single Excel spreadsheet that contains a separate worksheet (i.e., separate tab) for each problem.
have each worksheet be clearly labeled to identify the associated problem.
to show all calculations or other work performed to derive your answer(s) for each problem.
have your spreadsheet be fully functional (i.e., configured to allow the reader to not only see all numerical values, but also be able to see the underlying formula associated with each calculated value).
to label your work in each worksheet to clearly identify the nature of each piece of data or calculated value.
No credit will be granted for problems that are not completed using Excel, for which your Excel worksheet is not fully functional, or for which you have not shown all of the calculations or other work performed to derive your answer(s). You may refer to the course textbooks, supplemental reading materials, online information, and your own notes in conjunction with completing the homework assignments. Once you have completed the necessary calculations to solve each problem and answer the associated questions, select the hyperlink provided to submit your Excel spreadsheet for grading.

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