A sample of creative writing analysis

Today Icelebrated five years of having you by my side and am proud of it,
What should is Isay, or how should I put it?
For your lovefor me has been immense, without boundaries
For your love hastaught me that loyalty knows no boundaries
That love ispure and made up of sacrifices, all times
Yes, sacrificesfor your loved ones happiness, I can see it
Your love mademe feel ashamed, of myself,
For letting downthose who I claimed to love,
But unlike me,youve proved what is to me
Do I evendeserve, do I deserve the love youve shown me?
I remember thefirst day I knew you; I was happy
That evening Itook you out for the first time for a nature trail
Or should I sayyou took me out instead for the trail?
Sorry for beingself-centered; how can I say I took you out?
When I couldntmake it without you helping me out?
I proudly showedyou out to my friends, feeling proud,
Feeling proudthat I finally have you to stand in the crowd,
They were surelygoing to know what stuff Im made up of, because of you,
I named youLovely Trek because I felt the name deserve you,
Unfortunately,you couldnt speak and tell me whether you like the name or not,
I mean, howcould you speak when you did not have a mouth?A

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