Adolescence Interview Discussion Paper

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AdolescenceInterview Discussion
The responses from the twointerviews reveal that adolescence is a period that marks the beginning of thedevelopment of more complex thinking processes, also called formal logicaloperations. The responses revealed that this period includes the development ofabstract thinking, enabling teenagers to form their unique ideas and questions.This aspect allows them to consider multiple perspectives and compare differentthoughts and opinions. This aspect is evident through the differences inresponses between the adolescent and the adult. They showed significantlydifferent views regarding various matters, such as the most appropriate age forsexual activity and alcohol consumption. The adult presented the opinions thatcould be regarded as generally acceptable and reasonable to the community.However, the adolescent’s responses are based on personal beliefs, experiences,and assumptions. The responses revealed that the developing teenager develops theability to systematically think about in aproblem or scenario. The advancement from concrete thinking to formal logicaloperations occurs gradually. This aspect implies that adolescents exhibitdifferent cognitive development rates. in complexways that influence teenagers to develop unique views of the world.
The responses also reveal thatadolescents undergo complex socioemotional development that could impact theirinteraction with family, friends, and peers. The adult stated how social andinteractive experiences such as bullying during adolescence influence the outcomeof different attributes such as aggression, violence, and suicidal thoughts.This aspect implies that the social experiences during this period impact theteenagers’ emotional development and interaction with other individuals (Luciana, 68). The teenager’s response revealed that the adolescentexperiences such as bullying impact social development such as the perceptionsregarding other individuals. It also showed that teenagers feel increasinglyconfident in their socioemotional abilities because they think they should havea voice in their parent’s decisions. The adolescents’ unique biology, braindevelopment, upbringing environment, and experiences with family, friends,community, and culture significantly influence socioemotional development. Thesocial and emotional changes indicate that the teenager is developing an independentidentity and learning about adulthood. The social changes that could be noticedduring adolescence include looking for uniqueness, independence, moreresponsibilities, and new experiences. The emotional changes that could beidentified during the period include being more sensitive to emotions and beingmore self-conscious about physical development and changes. These aspectsresult in relationship changes, such as seeking more independence from familyand developing unique perspectives.
The responses revealed variousgenerational differences in adolescent experiences, such as sexual activity andalcohol consumption. The adolescent showed increased confidence about engagingin sexual activity at an earlier age compared to the adult. This aspect could resultfrom the lack of experience regarding the consequences of his actions anddecisions. The adult has already undergone such experiences and acquiredinsights from different lessons as a teenager. However, the adolescent is eagerto experience such life involvements and indulgences. He is also unaware of theconsequences of some decisions, such as early sexual activity and alcoholconsumption. The adolescent is undergoing a complex development stage ofthinking but acts as though nothing wrong would befall him. This aspect isbecause his decision-making skills are still in their early development phases.The teenager also wants increased freedom and say, resulting in conflicts withparents. The adolescent also develops a unique worldview as he begins thinkingmore abstractly and . The adult’s response alludedto the need for a role model to help build healthy behaviors and positiverelationships between teenagers and that adolescents should enjoy their youthresponsibly.

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