Advanced Directives Loss And Grief In Old Age

This is a discussion post, do not need to write an introduction and conclusion. Thank you. Only use the materials I provided it you need to cite. Please answer ALL the questions below. Thank you!
Please complete the reading and view the videos linked up for this week.
After doing that, complete the Advanced Directive and 5 Wishes documents for yourself (found above, please follow the written directions on the document). Upon doing so, discuss your wishes with a parent, spouse, loved one, sibling, family member, friend or anyone you feel comfortable with. In turn, discuss their wishes with them. Encourage them to fill these documents out too, and discuss the topics listed. What would they like? Did you change your mind after discussing these wishes with each other?
Reflect on what it was like filling out your Advanced Directive, what was it like discussing it with a loved one and how did they respond to you? Were they open and willing to discuss this topic? Were you comfortable? Please write a 200 word reflection on completing these documents (do not submit your document).


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