Advocacy Action Plan Assignment

Advocacy Action Plan Assignment
This assignment is the first part of a three-part advocacy action planning assignment you will complete across the duration of this course. This series of assignments is a major part of your grade. In this first part, you will identify a public health issue and organization that you care about (PASSION) and an idea you have that would improve that issue, or further the organization’s mission, vision and values (PURPOSE).
Your advocacy action plan will consist of five steps. Assignment 3.2 requires that you complete the first step in action planning which is to identify the problem or need. In order to do this, you will need to answer the following questions:
What issue are you planning to advocate for?
What organization do you plan to select to propose this action plan to?
Why is there a need for change? What is wrong with the present service or process?
What are the existing strengths and weaknesses? (You can apply the knowledge you gained in your SWOT analysis assignment here!)
What are the potential gains, losses or risks of change?
Who will be affected?
How much will your proposed change cost?
What is likely to happen if no action is taken?
A template is provided for you that takes you through each of the questions above in a step-by-step manner. It is critical that you review the University of Kansas Community Tool Box reading on action planning (Links to an external site.) prior to starting on this assignment. If you have not reviewed that material, take a pause here and read. Then, you will be better prepared to complete the template below! In addition, I have provided you with previous presentations created by some of my emerging leaders in the Global Sports Mentoring Program. NOTE: These presentations are visual only as they were presented in an in-person setting. But, they should give you an idea of what a completed advocacy action plan looks like:
Eyasu Hailu (2016, Ethiopia): Eyasu Action Plan_Edited by B.Garner for accessibility_01.02.20.pptm
Siphamandla Gumbi (2017, South Africa): Siphamandla Gumbi Presentation_Edited by B. Garner for Accessibility_01.02.20.pptx
Shams Alam (2018, India): SHAMS_ActionPlanPresentation_Edited by B.Garner for Accessibility_01.02.20.pptxActions
Assignment Instructions:
1. Download the template and save as a MSWord document only: KINE 4354 Assignment 3.2_ Advocacy Action Plan Part I_ Your Purpose, Your Passion Assignment Template-1_AP2_Accessible_BG_01.02.20.docx
2. Complete the template. Be sure to read carefully and complete each required component.
3. Upon completion, save the document and upload to this assignment portal.

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