Analysis of a School Thief by Dennis Potter

Analysis of SchoolThief by Dennis Potter
Thisessay focuses on the playSchool ThiefbyDennis Potter, a short fiction between a teacher and her students. Potterpassionately wrote most of his plays for television, with several of them beingconsidered the best playwriting pieces. TheSchoolThiefwas adapted from theStand-Up,Nigel Barton, a play from 1965. The play is set in a classroom with charactersbeing the teacher and her students. The play’s main character is Miss Tillings,the student’s class teacher. The students in the play are between the ages of 8and 13 years and include Nigel, Bert, Pringle, and others. Miss Tillingsdiscusses the missing daffodil with her class. The students depict incidentsduring the play to help the audience grasp the narrative. The play’s thoughtdefines the plot’s significance. This establishes the play’s topic, whichinvolves a misplaced object in the classroom. The opening passage of the playhints at a misplaced object, which must have been taken. This is demonstratedrepeatedly throughout the play, and Miss Tillings is preoccupied with locatingthe missing flower.
Dictionrefers to the choice of words and the lexicon of phrases used in writing.Aristotle describes diction as the correct organization of words within a play,either formally or informally. In the playTheSchool Thief, both formal and informal dictions were employed. MissTilling, for example, has utilized formal diction as part of her job as ateacher. She has employed a variety of vocabulary to convey the formality ofthe language. For instance, “Quiet Pringle! All right, Nigel. Thankyou.” “Come out to the front, George Pringle!” “You betterhad, Barton! And be quick about it!” Second, the play used informaldiction, in which the students do not enunciate their words officially. Anillustration, in this case, is “Um. I don’t like to say, Miss.”

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