Analyze Themes Of California Essay

Analyze Themes Of California Essay
In tracing the history of California, one can identify major historical themes that emerge in the development of the region that are both notable and recurring. Using information from this book and lecture information, construct an essay that examines with detail and informative explanations, one of these themes. You will want to cover a significantly broad time period of California’s history.
Consider and select one of the seven topics below to be your paper’s theme:
 Rapid Change
 Growth
 Diversity
 Youth
 “California Dream”
 Unique
 Trend Setter
Your task is to “prove” one theme by presenting relevant examples of facts, events, actions, statistics, attitudes, perceptions, quotes—in short anything that you believe supports it.
The completed essay should be between 1,000-1,500 words (at least 4 full pages).
There may be overlap between two or more themes. That is fine but it is important to maintain as much focus as you can on a single theme.
Keep in mind the essential rules of putting together a meaningful essay. You should:
 find, read, and select valid information
 assess and evaluate that information
 organize, edit, and present that information
Essays will be assessed by the following criteria:
Does it adequately develop the topic over a meaningful period of time? Do not limit your examination to a single event or narrow time period.
Is the information accurate and understandable? Is it relevant to the theme?
Are there specific facts/examples to support your subject?
Are your facts and contentions truthful and correct?
Is the essay the appropriate length with reasonable type size, spacing, and margins?
Is the essay typed, stapled, edited for grammar and spelling, neat, and easy to read?
Did you follow all instructions correctly, including academic integrity?
Important: Assume the reader of your essay knows nothing about California history. It is your responsibility to provide sufficient detail to make your paper meaningful to the reader. You should include names, dates, definition of terms where needed, and explanation of the larger points. There should be an introduction that clearly identifies the theme you have selected.

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