Analyzing Challenges Managers Face

Analyzing Challenges Managers Face
Readings: Chapters 1-3 in The 27 Challenges Managers Face
Please answer the following questions:
1. In your opinion, what is undermanagement? Please provide an example.
2. Why are management fundamentals important?
3. It can be a challenge to manage people – why?
4. Please provide an example of good time management skills. Please provide an example of poor time management skills.
5. As a manager, how can you encourage problem solving?
Part 2:
Analyzing Challenges Managers Face
The 5 Languages of Appreciation at Work Assessment (15%)
Self-Assessment exercises can be used as an opportunity to evaluate your own management and communication skills. The point of these exercises is to challenge you to think about how you can improve these skills.
Please read The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace and then take the MBA Inventory using the Access Code located at the end of the book.
Answer the following questions:
· What are your results?
· Do you think the assessment is correct?
Analyzing Challenges Managers Face
· Why is this topic important in today’s workplace?
· As a manager, what skills do you need to create a workplace which embraces the Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace.
All assignments must be typed and reflective of graduate work.
1. This is an individual assignment and as such, you must not give help or receive help from another student or individual.
Analyzing Challenges Managers Face
2. This assignment must be submitted via the Moodle Platform and is generally 6-8 pages in length. Please provide at least 2 additional references to enhance your analysis. You are encouraged to provide examples from the workplace.
3. REQUIRED: Combine both parts of this assignment into one document and attach a pdf of your MBA Inventory Results with your assignment.
Analyzing Challenges Managers Face
4. Please include the following information:
* Assignment number and title, student’s name, Course: MGT5650.E1

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