Analyzing Socio Cultural Barriers

Analyzing Socio Cultural Barriers
Application: Factors Contributing to Health Disparities and Ways to Address Them.
The Healthy People 2020 objectives and the Millennium Goals are two ambitious approaches to addressing the disparities found in vulnerable populations. In this Application Assignment, you will determine factors that contribute to health disparities, how culture impacts treatment in healthcare, and how the goals and objectives plan to reduce or eliminate health disparities.
To prepare for this Application Assignment, review the following (with your Healthy People assigned focus area in mind):
The definition of culture and articles relating to how culture impacts treatment in healthcare are posted in the Doc Sharing area under Week 3 helpful articles
Pages 24–41 of your textbook about the objectives that relate to health care in general and, more specifically, health disparities.
The Millennium Development Goals Report 2009
Healthy People 2020: What Are Its Goals?
Focus your attention on “Overarching Goal

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