Animal Husbandry and Economic Zoology

Animal Husbandry and Economic Zoology
Animal Husbandry and Economic Zoology
1. The term livestock means
(a) domestic animals
(b) poultry animals
(c) bee culture
(d) Both (b) and (c)
2. Which of the following technologies
could result in faster multiplication of
superior germplasm in dairy animals?
(a) Marker assisted selection
(b) MOET
(c) Progeny testing of bulls
(d) Artificial insemination
3. Artificial insemination is better than
natural insemination in cattle because
[CDS 2017]
(a) semen of good bulls can be
provided everywhere.
(b) there is no likelihood of contagious
(c) it is economical.
(d) All of the above
4. Bull semen for the purpose of artificial
insemination is stored in [UPPSC 2018]
(a) Ice
(b) Liquid Oxygen
(c) Liquid Nitrogen
(d) Liquid Carbon Dioxide
5. Inbreeding is carried out in animal
husbandry because it
(a) increase vigour
(b) improves the breed
(c) increases heterozygosity
(d) increases homozygosity
6. The practices concerned with the
improvement in animals husbandry
(a) management of farm and farm
(b) animal breeding
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) None of the above
Animal Husbandry and Economic Zoology
7. The primary aim of animal breeding is
to breed such animals which are able to
(a) qualitative increase in the product.
(b) quantitative increase in the product.
(c) marketing of animal product.
(d) Both (a) and (b)
8. A group of animals which are related by
and share many similarities are
referred to as
(a) breed (b) race
(c) variety (d) species
10. When breeding is between animals of
the same breed of 4-6 generation it is
(a) crossbreeding
(b) outbreeding
(c) outcrossing
(d) inbreeding
11. When breeding is between different
breeds it is called
(a) inbreeding
(b) outbreeding
(c) outcrossing
(d) cross breeding
12. MOET (Multiple Ovulation Embryo
Transfer) is method of [SSC 2018]
(a) fish cultivation
(b) hybridisation of cattle
(c) birth control
(d) cloning of sheep
13. MOET stands for
(a) Multiple Ovulation Embryo Transfer
(b) More Ovulation Embryo Transfer
(c) Multiple Ovulation Embryo Test
(d) None of the above
14. In MOET procedure, to induce follicular
maturation and super-ovulation which
of the following hormones are
administered to the cow?
(a) Follicle stimulating hormone
(b) Progesterone
(c) Androgen
(d) Oxytocin
15. In the technique of artificial insemination,
the semen is mixed with semen diluters.
Following are some of the diluters given.
Which are correct from them
(a) Egg yolk citrate
(b) Milk glycerol diluter
(c) egg yolk phosphate
(d) All of the above
Animal Husbandry and Economic Zoology
16. In the animal breeding which one
among the following benefits cannot be
derived insemination?
(a) Control of spread of disease.
(b) Overcoming sterility problems.
(c) Decreasing incidences of genetic
(d) Decrease in gestation period
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