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article 1History of the Model Minority Myth in the US
article 2 3
Please review the current online articles ( I post the link of 3 articles above) and video for this week. The articles and videos serve as an example for the post you need to complete. For discussion #3, you will need to find an article or video that addresses a current issue/stereotype that is affecting Asian American Women in our society today. You will need to include the link to the articles, news/scholarly article, video, movies, etc. to the issue. Please complete the following:
Provide a summary of the issue that should include a link to the article, media, video, etc.Explain how this issue affects Asian American WomenAddress how this issue is different or similar to women of other race or ethnicity in AmericaInclude examples from the reading if there are any (optional)Conclusion: Have you had a similar experience? What are your personal thoughts about this issue? How can we move forward to resolve or change this issue?Reference at the bottom of the post
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