Article review | Business | University of Texas at Arlington

During the semester, you must complete two (2) article reviews. As part of that assignment, you will submit a written report detailing its analysis, findings and recommendations. Check the course outline for specific assignment due dates. Specific topic details are located near the end of the syllabus.
Choose one of the 9 articles I provided on this page and review it. All submissions will be graded with the following instructions, content, punctuation, grammar, citations, and sentence structure. Late submissions will not be accepted.
Here are the specifics:
12-point Arial font, single space, 1/4 inch indentions, and one-inch margins on all sides.
You will write one full-page review on each article. Citation at the top of the page.
One-half page (single-spaced, keyboarded) summary of the article.
One-half page (single-spaced, keyboarded) of your critique and opinion about the topic being discussed in the report.
If your review is not one full page, 5 points will be deducted from your total score. You may exceed the one-page requirement by a maximum of another half page for a total of 1.5 pages. Going over 1.5 pages will also result in a 5-point deduction. 
If you do not include the Internet URL of your article with your review, 5 points will be deducted from your total score.
No cover sheet or Letter of Transmittal is required.
Submit your file as: Lastname.Firstname.Art01.docx. See the example below. I want your one-page assignment to look just like this. 

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