Assess Hazardous and flammable substances

Assess Hazardous and flammable substances
What are flammable liquids?
Flammable liquids give off large volumes of flammable vapours at
room temperature.
These vapours, when mixed with air, can ignite, often violently.
Spilled flammable liquids can flow considerable distances to an
ignition source and the source of ignition could be in a completely
different area to the spilled liquid.
Spills of flammable liquids on clothing create considerable fire
Flammable liquids are therefore considerable fire safety hazards
and need to be closely managed and controlled so as to eliminate or
reduce their contribution to a fire.
A flammable liquid may be reasonably safe in a stored lidded
container but, if the lid is poorly fitting, fumes can escape and
provide the potential for ignition.
What controls need to be implemented for
flammable liquids?
The following guidelines should be followed when storing any
flammable liquids.
(1) Why store flammable liquids?
Assess Hazardous and flammable substances
(2) Substitute the product for something less flammable.
(3) Store flammable liquids in a separate storage area or in a
purpose-made, fire-proofed bin or cupboard.
(4) Dispense and use them in a safe place, where there is good
ventilation and no heat or ignition sources.
(5) Keep containers closed when not in use. Check lids regularly.
(6) Use safety containers with self-closing lids if possible.
(7) Dispense liquids over a tray or shallow container so as to
contain any spillage to a localised area.
(8) Keep non-flammable, absorbent material close to hand to
deal with spillages, e.g. sand.
Assess Hazardous and flammable substances
(9) Clear up spillages immediately.
(10) Dispose of contaminated rags and materials safely and
remember that these have become flammable substances.
Dispose of separately and in flame-proof containers. Do not
store quantities of contaminated materials together as they
may ‘spontaneously’ combust due to heat generation and
ignite the vapours given off from the materials.

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