Assessment and response at the organizational level

To Prepare

Identify one human services organization in your community that interests you. Contact the organization to inquire about scheduling an informational interview with a leader/administrator. (Note that your interview need not take place in person. Telephone or video conferencing options are available to you.)
Using the Interview Tips document in the Learning Resources, conduct your interview with the organizational leader/administrator. Record and/or take notes so that you will be able to summarize the interview later.

By Day 7
Submit a discussion in which you describe what you learned through your interview about the readiness of human services organizations to adapt to increased community need. Specifically:

Identify the organization and its purpose.
Explain how the administrator has seen community needs and service users change over time and the extent to which the organization has adapted. Provide specific examples.
Describe the root causes/problems in the community that the organization aims to improve and how.
Describe barriers the organization has faced when attempting to address these problems.
Provide your own conclusions about human services organizations’ ability to adapt to increased community need.

Make sure to integrate and document ideas and concepts from the Learning Resources, which are included below:

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