Assisting people in absolute poverty summary

Put things in your own words unless the question asks for a direct quote.Answer each question in 8-12 sentences.
1. Summarize Peter Singers main argument for an obligation to assist people in absolute poverty. Since the question does not ask for a direct quote, please put things in your own words.
2. Next, describe one objection to utilitarianism discussed in the reading by John Stuart Mill, as well as Mills response to it. Explain how this objection and response relate to Singers views (supporting them, questioning them, etc.). Give a direct quotation from Mill as part of your answer, using quotation marks and the (Mill, 1863/2010, ch.II, para.___).
3. Finally, present your own view on Singers argument. How much do you in the US should donate to help people in absolute poverty?Give a brief defense of your views.

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