Bacterial Cell Wall Synthesis Inhibitors

Bacterial Cell Wall Synthesis Inhibitors
Bacterial Cell Wall Synthesis Inhibitors
Directions for questions 1−4
Match each antibiotic drug w ith the appropriate description
(each lettered option can be selected once, m ore than once, or not
at all).
A. Am picillin
B. Aztreonam
C. Cefepim e
D. Cefotaxim e
E. Cefotetan
F. Ceftazidim e
G. Ceftriaxone
H. Cloxacillin
I. Ticarcillin
J. Piperacillin
K. Vancomycin
Di culty level: Easy
1. A penicillinase-resistant penicillin
Di culty level: Easy
2. A penicillin active against Klebsiella species
Di culty level: Easy
3. A third-generation cephalosporin active against Pseudom onas
Di culty level: Easy
5. A 68-year-old m an diagnosed w ith streptococcal pneum onia
started treatm ent w ith a third-generation cephalosporin.
Which of the follow ing steps in the turnover of bacterial cell
walls is speci cally inhibited by this antibiotic?
A. Autolysin-m ediated breaking of peptidoglycan chains
B. Elongation of linear am ino sugar chains
C. Connection of two am ino sugar chains by peptide bridges
D. Synthesis of N-acetylm uram ic acid
E. Linking of two am ino sugars by a glycosidic bond
Di culty level: Easy
6. A 51-year-old wom an recently diagnosed w ith acute bacterial
cystitis started an appropriate antibiotic treatm ent. The adm inistered drug achieves therapeutic concentration in the
urine because it is prim arily elim inated by the kidney through
active secretion in the proxim al tubule. Which of the follow –
ing drugs did the patient m ost likely take?
A. Cephalexin
B. Azithromycin
C. Metronidazole
D. Tobramycin
E. Tetracycline
Di culty level: Easy
7. A 23-year-old wom an com plained to her physician of urinary
frequency, pain upon urination, and a m ucopurulent vaginal
discharge. One year earlier, the patient had undergone an
anaphylactic reaction to penicillin. A Gram stain of the exudate revealed gram -negative cocci. W hich of the follow ing
drugs would be contraindicated for this patient?
A. Doxycycline
B. Cipro oxacin
C. Ceftriaxone
D. Erythromycin
E. Trim ethoprim -sulfam etoxazole
Di culty level: Medium
8. A 32-year-old wom an was seen at a clinic because of 2 days
of headache w ith joint and m uscle pain. Physical exam ination
revealed nuchal rigidity and a petechial rash on the lower extrem ities. A Gram stain of her spinal uid showed m any neutrophils and m any gram -negative, bean-shaped diplococci.
Which of the follow ing drugs would be m ost appropriate for
the therapy of this patient?
A. Tetracycline
B. Penicillin G
C. Erythromycin
D. Aztreonam
E. Tobramycin
F. Metronidazole
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