Basic Healthcare Financial Principles

Memorial Hermann is a hospital system that has been facing some serious its operations and meeting its vendors’ financial obligations. Mr. Jones, the chief executive officer (CEO), called a meeting of some of the administrative managers for them to share their viewpoints on how to move forward.
Write a 4-page response and include the following:**Describe the 3 viewpoints of the on how to move forward.**Explain why these viewpoints are important in health care financial management.Answer the following:**Discuss how the elements of financial management relate to the function of the .**Examine why it is important for health care managers to understand financial principles.**What information do income, liabilities, assets, profits tell the health care manager?**How does the function of a health care financial manager or (CFO) relate to the understanding of these concepts?**What are the current challenges affecting health care financing at Memorial Hermann?**How should these challenges be mitigated?

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