Basic student records system | Computer Science homework help

Basic Student Records System
Design and implement a simple student record system using Windows Forms in Visual Studio. Your program should have the following minimum requirements:
1. Your program should have a welcome screen.
2. The user should be presented with another screen where they can enter their grades.
3. The screen will have an option to calculate the average grade
4. The screen should also have an option to clear all the grades
5. The users can use it as many times as they like
6. The user can exit, and the program will then display the welcome screen.
Assignment Instructions:
• You are required to create a document with appropriate headings and sub-headings. You must include a short description of the task and how you intend to solve it.
• You must work individually on this task.
• You need to show evidence of different programming constructs you have learnt. You also need to include screenshots of your program.

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