Basics Of Writing Homework Assignment

Basics Of Writing Homework Assignment
Answer each of the questions below. You can add as much detail as you need to make your answers clearly understood by the reader. Remember, you choose the correct words, you choose the number (NOT amount!) of words to use. Your goal is to make your ideas clear and communicate your understanding of the questions to the reader. This is good practice using a couple of key ideas explored in the last two lectures.
Make sure your homework LOOKS GOOD! Use the tools we have just discussed to make your homework easy to read and visually appealing! Creating a visually appealing DOCUMENT is now a concept you are familiar with. A clear, easy-to-follow document will always aid in communication and understanding.
1. There are THREE “Keys to Writing Well” : 1. have something to say 2. write “it” well 3. make “it” LOOK good. Briefly explain what each means.
2. List at least 5 writing TOOLS used to make business documents visually appealing.
3. You should always use “plain English” when writing in the business world. We have also said that you should “write the way you talk” when writing in the business world. What does this mean exactly?
4. Here is an example of a writer (me) using language that in NOT “plain English.” It is very confusing. Rewrite the following sentence using “plain English”:
As per your request, I have identified a plethora of organizational participants who would like to partake in the upcoming lecture concerning the exceptionally innovative programs we will commence in the upcoming seasonal celebrations.
5. Based on the slides, what is the UGLIEST color for cars? What color is boring? What color is just weird? What color is your car?
6. Rewrite the following sentence removing all the vague wordiness. Use concrete words and concise language instead:
As you already know, Professor Metz really, really hates when his students use lots of unnecessary words and when these words are kind of, you know, like meaningless. I feel like you should have been like told this stuff before now.
7. The “Make It LOOK Good” power-point slides warn you about over-using BULLET POINTS because too many bullet points can cause the writer to leave out important detail and depth. Here are some bullet points, add appropriate depth and detail to make each idea clear to the reader:
♦ Many new snacks will be added to the menu.
√ The fires are causing problems for many communities.
◊ I do several things to relax.
→ I learned several things from reviewing Metz’s Make it LOOK Good power-point slides.
Be sure your homework is submitted as a WORD file or a PDF file. DO NOT use the “COMMENTS” section. DO NOT use the “WRITE SUBMISSION” option.

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