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 Your new clients: .
  Ryan Humphrey – Ryan is 29 years old, single and works as an internet gaming programmer. He has just purchased a 3-bedroom home in Colorado. He likes to collect modern art and is not opposed to color.  There will be no TV in his bedroom, and he prefers silver/chrome over brass finishes and leans towards a more modern aesthetic. 
The Davidsons – Cindy and Greta are a retired couple who love nature and being outdoors. They love to garden, reading a good book and also like to go on long walks and sit in the sun with their grandchildren.  They prefer neutral colors that reflect the outdoors but no florals in their décor and would like their bedroom and bathroom to be luxurious and stylish. 
 Develop and Prepare (3) Written Design Concepts for a Master Bedroom Suite – You must use the “What, Why

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