BIOT670s Biotechnology Capstone Assignment

BIOT670s Biotechnology Capstone Assignment
1. Patient treatment areas is confined to HEPA FILTRED negatively presurrizzed container on the aircraft
2. The waste stream is predetermined and can not be altered
3 Waste generation include both patients waste and provider PPE
4 Mission can last up to 24 hours and maximum shift length are 4 hours
5 A minimum of 2 providers per shift
6. Must not contaminate the Aircraft
7. Maximum power available is two 110 volts, 30amp circuit ( this is what is on the Aircraft)
What method are available; does the method reduce ( to what extent) or eliminate the waste , does the solution set create a hazard, what is the logistic trail( eg need to bring on board water). Is there continuous maintenance needed for the solution. What is the waste stream post treatment .What is expected associated cost of each system. What solution or combination of solutions would you choose and why?
Note for Thomas574
Now the Analysis part is what my group derived the assessment matrix from( Thomas remember this is a group project). You didn’t mention the agents( Bacteria, viruses, fungi ) each technology deals with.
Read the project question carefully and his comments below
“This is a good start to the paper but I have some serious concerns over the level of detail you provided.
This is a research paper, and the product you are to develop for the sponsor needs concrete examples and hard data. The scores you generate need to be based upon performance of the systems against multiple types of organisms (virus, spore etc.) under multiple types of situations (liquid, blood, plastic etc.). Additionally you need to have concrete examples of specific pieces of hardware (size, weight, cost, throughput etc.).
None of this is provided in this paper. You have vague descriptions and vague scores but no specific examples. Additionally you only have 5 references for three identified technologies. This is not nearly enough to provide the data needed for a complete analysis of these technologies.
By what you presented I am afraid that you are way behind the power curve on your research. You have about 3 weeks before the product is due. I strongly suggest you put a lot of time into research and data gathering.”

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