Business plan part iv | business policy and stragety

Part IV of the business plan is due in week 7. Together with this part, you must show to your instructor that you have implemented the necessary corrections based on the part I feedback.
Part IV Requirements
1.  Financials Plan
a.  Present an in-depth narrative to demonstrate the viability of your business to justify the need for funding.
b.  In this section describe financial estimates and rationale which include financial statements and forms that document the viability of your proposed business and its soundness as an investment.
c.  Tables and figures must be introduced in the narrative.
 i.  Describe the form of business (sole-proprietor, LLC, or Corporation).
 ii.  Prepare three-year projections for income, expenses, and sources of funds.
 iii.  Base predictions on industry and historical trends.
 iv.  Make realistic assumptions.
 v.  Allow for funding changes at different stages of your company’s growth.
 vi.  Present a written rationale for your projections.
 vii.  Indicate your startup costs.
 viii.  Detail how startup funds will be used to advance your proposed business
 ix.  List current capital and any other sources of funding you may have
 x.  Document your calculations.
 xi.  Use reasonable estimates or actual data (where possible).
2.  Continuous Improvement System
a.  Present a brief summary of the continuous improvement processes that you will utilize for quality management (Six sigma, TQM, etc).

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