Buy Advanced Management Accounting

Buy Advanced Management Accounting
The written critique is to be in the form of a report (maximum 1500 words) to the chief
executive of your (imagined or real) organisation and should provide a critique of your
allocated management accounting paper that covers the following:
• Briefly outline the type of company you work for (or are assumed to work for in relation to this report).
• State the title and the purpose of the article.
• Outline the author’s main arguments and/or findings.
• Discuss the major areas of agreement/disagreement you have with the author’s research method and/or arguments and/or conclusions.
• Draw on relevant literature to support your critique (and ensure it is referenced appropriately).
Buy Advanced Management Accounting
• Identify the implications of this article and its findings for management accountants and/or management practice within this company.
• Identify any risks associated with doing nothing and/or the potential benefits from taking the recommended action.
• Make proposals (recommendations) to the chief executive in respect of what the company should do in relation to the key issues raised, or proposals made in the paper.
• Be as specific as possible about what changes should take place and why, and how successful implementation/appropriate change can be facilitated.
The mark allocation for the written critique will be as follows:
• Appropriate summary of paper’s content and critique: 40%
• General and company specific context and implications of the paper: 25%
• Recommendations to the CEO for necessary actions: 20%
• Report style, quality of writing, presentation and appropriate referencing: 15%
As your chief executive is undoubtedly a busy person, a short executive summary may be
useful (to ‘catch their attention’ and encourage them to read on).
MMPA512 – Research Paper Critique
Buy Advanced Management Accounting
• Your critique is due at 4.00 pm on Wednesday 11 August 2021.
• Your report should include your name, student ID and date of submission.
• You must state the word count of your report.
• Any executive summary and in-text citations are to be included in the 1500-word limit, but your list of references and bibliography is not. Full details are provided below.
• A critique in the context of this assessment is a critical evaluation of a management accounting practice in a detailed and analytical way.
1. Exceeding word limit: Paper critiques that exceed 1,500 words will be subject to a 10% penalty per 150 words over the 1,500-word limit.
2. Late submission: In fairness to other students, any critique submitted after the deadline will be subject to a penalty of 5% of the available marks for every day or part of a day (including
Saturdays and Sundays) that the assignment is submitted late. For example, an assignment
marked out of 100 due by 2pm on Monday 1 January but submitted at 1pm on Wednesday
3 January, would be marked out of 100 and then have 10 marks deducted from the marks

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