Buy Analog And Digital Technology Discussion

Buy Analog And Digital Technology Discussion
Analog and digital technology go hand in hand. Both words represent a wave. For analog this is literal and is a continuous wave sometimes called a sine wave. For digital technology, our only way to represent these waves is with values of 0 and 1. So digital waves come out looking blocky as the wave is either off or on. If we take music for example. You are listening to your favorite band perform live. The music as you hear it is an analog wave. If you decide to purchase the live recording cd that they later release, that same analog sound exists in a digital format so that your cd player can read it and then send those sounds to your speaker. At your speaker that digital wave is converted back to an analog signal and you are able to hear it.
Binary is the most basic numbering system that computers and technology understand. It is represented by values of 0 and 1 or off and on. Combined these digits are grouped in sets of 8 called a byte or octet and can represent any value between 0 and 255.
Buy Analog And Digital Technology Discussion
Decimal is the standard numbering system that we all understand. With numbers between 0 and 9 being combined to represent their literal value. Ex: 125, 3, or 6,554.
The octal numbering system uses three digits of binary or three bits to represent values from 0 to 7. It is not as popular after the rise of hexadecimal.
Hexadecimal much like octal allows the user to represent long strings of binary with a relatively smaller value. Hexadecimal is a base 16 and uses values from 0-9 and A to F. With A counting sequentially after 9. Ex: A=10, B=11…
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