Buy Business and Management Case Study

Buy Business and Management Case Study
1. Why do you think that the board of directors of RJR Nabisco preferred to sell the company to KKR rather than to the Management team led by Johnson?
2. Do you think that Shearson [American Express] was the correct company to structure the deal? Yes/No and Why?**
3. Why do you think that Russ F. Johnson pursue the leveraged buy-out of RJR Nabisco?
answer these 3 questions each question has to be at least  250  words  (in single space, we are talking about 3/4 to 1 full page – font size 12)
Buy Business and Management Case Study
you must write in short-paragraphs  (at least 4 to 5)
you know how to combine bullet points and good content  (put differently, treat answers in an essay format rather than power point slides)
you use good punctuation, indents, and even sub-headers to identify particular situations
Organization is key: submitting a 1-paragraph answer is a NO-NO for any of my courses. I penalize for not knowing how to organize answers and/or knowing how to write in short paragraphs. Penalties start in 5 points (case 1) until awarding zeroes (case 4) for not knowing / ignoring instructions
Mini-answers = mini-grades:  notice that essay-based questions require a full commitment for students to write and exceed my expectations. Those submissions that are very limited (in length) and development tends to be heavy penalized
Scores per answer: the following represents the information that will be placed in the rubric. Please notice that after I release case grades, you can go to My Grades, click on the score and I may leave some additional feedback that must be useful for future submissions.
0 – 1 points:  answer was not saved/submitted in the repository (e.g.  answer was left in blank)
2 – 6 points: very limited answer that does not conform with guidelines
7- 9 points: an answer that requires development and integration (either submitted as a 1-full paragraph or 2 short paragraphs with very useful information)
10-12 points: average answer that covers the main aspect of the question and has a length of about 3 to 4 short paragraphs
13-14 points: above the average answer that covers the main aspect of the question and has a length of about 4 to 6 short paragraphs
15 points: outstanding answer – very rare that a student will achieve it as requires a full level of understanding of the topic, excellent analytical and writing skills, and full development of the answer

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