Buy Capital Structures Financial Plan

Buy Capital Structures Financial Plan
You as the business manager need to be able to determine larger sources of funding by creating a financial plan to help reduce duplication of resources, identify requirements and risks, and determine various financing options. Completing this planning is an important step for all businesses to take if they want to succeed. Larger companies may delegate this process to financial managers, financial analysts, or operations managers.
You decide to create a financial plan for your company to help distinguish between sources, requirements, and risks associated with various types of long- and short-term financing capital structure that your company can potentially use in the future.
Assessment Deliverable
Draft a 3- to 4-page financial plan for your company. This plan should include sections for a business case and profit-and-loss statements. Include the following items:
A business case that includes a description, type of business, and sources of funding
Note: Use your Wk 5 Assessment Prep: Business Case Research assignment and feedback.
A profit-and-loss statement for a 3-year period
Project revenue. State realistic assumptions, such as growth per year, in your projections.
Estimate direct costs, including capital, marketing, labor, and supply costs.
A conclusion that includes an explanation of what working through a financial plan can do for a larger company
Cite references to support your assessment according to APA guidelines.
Submit your assessment.
Buy Capital Structures Financial Plan
Assessment Support
Rubric for guidance on deliverable expectations
Note Please:
Writing Standards – Please follow all APA formatting requirements, in-text referencing requirements, and referencing for all work – induing discussion questions, participation, presentations, etc. Support all assertions. The UOPX APA Sample Writing Paper is an excellent resource.
Originality – if you submit work with more than a 10% turnitin match ( properly referenced or not) the work will be reviewed for originality. Work with originality issues will be scored a zero.

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