Buy Clinical Conditions Discussion Solutions

Buy Clinical Conditions Discussion Solutions
Buy Clinical Conditions Discussion Solutions
1. The chief indication for use of subarachnoid alcohol block
for relief of paraplegic spasticity is
A. severe pain immediately after injury and over the site of
the injury
B. the presence of motor and sensory function in the lower
extremities, impeded by spasticity
C. spasticity occurring within the first 3 months after
trauma and impeding rehabilitation
D. stationary intractable spasticity of the lower extremities, which have no useful motor or sensory function
2. The majority of patients with quadriplegia have lesions of
A. second and third vertebrae
B. third and fourth vertebrae
C. fifth and sixth vertebrae
D. sixth and seventh vertebrae
70 /
Occupational Therapy
The highest in incidence among the arthritides and those
that exact the greatest toll in crippling are
A. rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatoid spondylitis
B. primary and secondary degenerative joint disease
C. myositis and myalgia
D. traumatic arthritis
The cardiac patient whose physical activity need not be
restricted in any way is Classified as
A. A, class I
B. B, class I
C. B, class II
D. C, class II
The condition that begins in the sacroiliac joints and
spreads slowly upward causing fusion of the spine is
A. ankylosing spondylitis
B. Charcot’s joint
C. osteoarthritis
D. villo-nodular synovitis
The first rehabilitation medicine service with its own personnel and beds of any civilian hospital in the United States
was created in New York City’s Bellevue Hospital in the
A. 1920s
B. 1930s
C. 1940s
D. 1950s
A person who has either suddenly or gradually lost his/her
integrity, as in the case of a spinal cord injury or stroke, inevitably suffers from some degree of emotional instability.
The physician or the health-related personnel must recognize that the most important factor in the first encounter
with this person is
. taking an accurate history
patience and understanding
an ostentatious solicitude DON> . doing an accurate physical and mental examination
Clinical Conditions / 71
348. When there is a sudden stoppage of blood supply to a part
of an organ with insufficient collateral circulation, necrosis
of the tissue occurs. This is called
A. embolism
B. thrombosis
C. anoxia
D. infarction
When a person suffers a painful shoulder and also has certain conditions in the hand (slight swelling without pitting
edema, increased skin temperature, pink glossy texture, and
extension deformities in the metacarpophalangeal joints),
which term is likely to be used to describe the condition?
A. Shoulder/hand syndrome
B. Peripheral nerve lesions
C. Rheumatoid arthritis
D. Rheumatoid spondylitis
An example of overproduction of bone, associated with
greatly increased blood flow to the affected bones, is
A. Paget’s disease
B. rickets
C. osteomalacia
D. osteoma
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