Buy Cognitive Theories and Perspectives

Buy Cognitive Theories and Perspectives
Buy Cognitive Theories and Perspectives
1. _________________ was noted for being among the first to assert similarities between human minds and computer processes.
(A) Ulric Neisser
(B) Jean Piaget
(C) George Miller
(D) Abraham Maslow
2. _______________ psychologists focus on how the human mind manipulates information.
(A) Behavioral
(B) Social learning
(C) Psychoanalytical
(D) Cognitive
3. The information processing theory was inspired by the knowledge of how
________________ function.
(A) animals’ brains
(B) upper-class businessmen
(C) computers
(D) medical professionals
80 › MHE 500 MCAT: Behavioral Sciences
4. Information in the sensory memory lasts for less than ___________ before
it decays.
(A) 3 seconds
(B) 7 seconds
(C) 1 second
(D) 15 seconds
5. The ability to automatically utilize stored information, ___________,
involves other areas of the brain.
(A) working memory
(B) sensory memory
(C) long-term memory
(D) automatization
6. Information in the working memory can last for up to ___________
before it decays.
(A) 3 seconds
(B) 7 seconds
(C) 1 second
(D) 15 seconds
7. Attending to initial sensory input moves the information into
___________ memory for further analysis.
(A) working
(B) sensory
(C) long-term
(D) automatization
Fill-in-the-Blank Questions
8. _______________focuses on the processes involved in acquiring knowledge, and how the mind organizes experiences and processes sensory
9. ________________ involves strategic manipulation and organization of
information such as rehearsal, activation, pattern-matching, and response
10. The human brain differs from a computer in that it requires
________________, _______________, and ______________.\
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