Buy Commissions and Committees Discussion

Buy Commissions and Committees Discussion
Buy Commissions and Committees Discussion
1. Generally, in India Finance Commission
is appointed for every five years
(a) to determine the financial position of
the states.
(b) to determine the financial position of
Central Government.
(c) to determine the financial resources
of Central Government.
(d) to determine the share of the states
in grants and revenues of the Central
2. Financial distribution between the
Union and the States takes place on
the basics of the recommendations of
the [UPPSC 2013, CGPSC 2013]
(a) Finance Commission
(b) Inter-state Council
(c) Planning Commission
(d) Sarkaria Commission
3. Which one of the following authorities
recommends the principles governing
the grants-in aid of the revenues to the
states out of the Consolidated Fund of
India? [IAS (Pre) 2002]
(a) Finance Commission
(b) Inter-State Council
(c) Union Ministry of Finance
(d) Public Accounts Committee
4. The main functions of Finance
Commission is [UPPSC (Pre) 1993]
(a) to determine the part of States in
Central taxes and to determine the
principles of financial aid given by
the centre to states.
(b) financial control over states.
(c) financial control over central.
(d) None of the above
5. The Finance Commission is primarily
concerned with recommending to the
President about [UPPSC (Pre) 2006]
(a) the principle governing grants-in-aid
to be given to the states.
(b) distributing the net proceeds of the
taxes between the Centre and the
(c) Neither (a) nor (b)
(d) Both (a) and (b)
6. With reference to the Finance
Commission of India, which of the
following statements is correct?
[IAS (Pre) 2011]
(a) It encourages the inflow of foreign
capital for infrastructure development.
(b) It facilitates the proper distribution of
finances among the public sector
(c) It ensures transparency in financial
(d) None of the statements (a), (b) and (c)
given above is correct in this context.
7. Who among the following was the
Chairman of 14th Finance Commission?
(a) Shanta Kumar [UPPSC (Pre) 2016]
(b) C Rangarajan
(c) YV Reddy
(d) None of the above
8. The Finance Commission consists of a
Chairman and
(a) Seven other member.
(b) Five other members.
(c) four other members.
(d) Such other members as may be
decided by the President from time
to time.
9. Who has been nominated as the
Chairman of the 15th Finance
Commission? [UPPSC 2017]
(a) N K Singh
(b) Shashikant Das
(c) Ashoka Lavasa
(d) Ratan Watal
10. Who recommends to the Governor the
principles which should govern the
distribution between the state and the
panchayats of the net proceeds of the
taxes and fees leviable by the state,
which may be divided between them?
(a) Chief Minister [CGPSC (Pre) 2019]
(b) Finance Minister of the state
(c) State Finance Commission
(d) Zilla Parishad
11. Which one of the following statements
about a State Finance Commission is
true? [UPPSC (Pre) 2015]
(a) It is an informal body.
(b) It is a constitutional body.
(c) It is an administrative body.
(d) None of the above
12. Which one of the following is an extra
constitutional body? [UPPSC (Pre) 2015]
(a) Finance Commission
(b) Election Commission
(c) NITI Aayog
(d) Inter-State Council
13. Who was the first Vice-Chairman of the
NITI Aayog ?
(a) Arvind Panagariya
(b) Raghuram Rajan
(c) Chandrashekhara Subramanyan
(d) Rajiv Kumar
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