Buy Communalism and Leftist Politics

Buy Communalism and Leftist Politics
Buy Communalism and Leftist Politics
1. “The Muslims, if contented and
satisfied, would become the greatest
bulwark of British power in India.” Who
wrote it? [BPSC 2017]
(a) Herbert Risley
(b) Lord Lytton
(c) WW Hunter
(d) HN Brailsford
2. With reference to the Indian Freedom
Struggle, the decade of 1920s is
popularly known for “Growth of
Communalism”. What was/were the
I. Socio-economic backwardness.
II. British policy of divide and rule.
III. Side-effect of militant nationalism.
Which one of the above is/are correct
(a) I, II and III
(b) II and III
(c) I and III
(d) I and II
3. Consider the following statements in
respect of growth of communalism in
I. Communalism initiated in India in the
1880s, when Syed Ahmad Khan
opposed the National Movements led
by the All India National Congress.
II. Mahatma Gandhi and the All India
National Congress made a deep
analysis of the communal
phenomenon to meet its challenges.
III. Constant negotiation of All India
National Congress with the Muslim
communal leaders weakened the
position of secular, anti-imperialist
Muslims and Muslim leaders.
Which of the statements given above
are correct?
(a) I and II
(b) II and III
(c) I and III
(d) None of the above
4. Aligarh Movement was started by whom?
(a) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan [MPPSC 2002]
(b) Acharya Aryavold
(c) Mohammad Ali Jinnah
(d) Maulana Ahmed Khan
5. Which political party was founded in
1906? [WBCS 2017]
(a) Bharat Sabha
(b) Muslim League
(c) Bengal Zamindars League
(d) Communist Party of India
6. In 1906 Muslim League was founded at
[MPPSC (Pre) 1992]
(a) Lahore (b) Delhi
(c) Calcutta (d) Dhaka
7. Who among the following was the
founder of the Muslim League?
[CDS 2009] (a) Mohammad Ali Jinnah
(b) Shaukat Ali
(c) Nawab Salimullah
(d) Aga Khan
8. Which of the following Muslim leaders
was not one of the founding fathers of All
India Muslim League (1906)?
(a) Mohammad Ali Jinnah
(b) Aga Khan
(c) Nawab Salimullah of Decca
(d) Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk
9. Who was the first President of the
Muslim League? [UPPSC (Pre) 1997]
(a) Aga Khan (b) Hamid Khan
(c) Hasan Khan (d) MA Jinnah
10. The Muslim deputation (under the
leadership of Aga Khan) meets Lord
Minto in 1906 at Shimla and pleaded for
[BPSC (Pre) 2004]
(a) separate electorate for Muslims.
(b) a composite electorate.
(c) higher representation of the Hindus.
(d) special representation to Muslim by
11. The Annual Session of Muslim League
in the year 1907 was held at
[UP Lower Sub (Pre) 2008]
(a) Dhaka
(b) Karachi
(c) Aligarh
(d) Lucknow
12. A London branch of the All India
Muslim League was established in
1908 under the Presidency of
(a) Aga Khan
(b) Ameer Ali
(c) Liaquat Ali Khan
(d) MA Jinnah
13. The Session of All India Muslim
Conference held at Delhi on
December 31, 1928 was presided over
by [IAS (Pre) 2018]
(a) Aga Khan
(b) Mohd. Shafi
(c) Mohd Ali Jinnah
(d) Fazle Hussain
14. What was the basic weakness of the
Muslim League which came to be
increasingly recognised by the patriotic
(a) Its upper class leaders had little
common corner with the interests of
the Muslim masses.
(b) Its religious bases was not good for
the country.
(c) Its loyalty to the British ruler was a
dangerous doctrine.
(d) Its support for Muslims and their
cause was only superficial.
15. Which one of the following has changed
the name of Hindu Mahasabha to
‘All India Hindu Mahasabha’ in 1915?
(a) Deen Dayal Upadhyay
(b) Madan Mohan Malviya
(c) Deenanath Banerjee
(d) Harish Chandra Mukherjee
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