Buy Concepts Related to Rest and Sleep

Buy Concepts Related to Rest and Sleep
Buy Concepts Related to Rest and Sleep
1. Which statement indicates that the patient is
experiencing narcolepsy?
1. “I grind my teeth at night to the point that my jaw
is sore in the morning.”
2. “My family says that I snore so loud that I keep
everyone awake at night.”
3. “I unexpectedly fall asleep for several minutes in
the middle of the day at work.”
4, “My mother says that I walk around in my sleep at
night, but I don’t remember anything.”
Buy Concepts Related to Rest and Sleep
2. A nurse has implemented interventions to promote
rest and sleep in a postoperative patient. What
assessment best indicates that the patient probably
is sleeping rather than just resting?
1. Eyes are closed.
2. Appears physically at ease.
3. Arms are resting at the side of the body.
;. 4-Lacks a response to environmental noises.
17. A nurse is caring for a patient whose primary healthcare provider prescribes a medication that will
provide a palliative reaction. Which patient response
indicates that the medication is effective?
1. The patient has not become pregnant.
2. The patient’s pain has subsided to a tolerable level.
3. The patient no longer has clinical manifestations
of an infection.
4, The patient’s blood glucose level has returned to
the normal range.
(a) patient is explaining the pain that is felt in the lower
legs as a result of impairment of nervous tissue secondary to diabetes. What words generally expressed
by patients to describe this type of neuropathic pain
should the nurse expect the patient to use? Select all
that apply.
ee Pins and needles
__1 =” Numbness
ae ee IS
Wyk wh Aching
Buy Concepts Related to Rest and Sleep
19. A nurse is caring for an adolescent who is scheduled
for a painful dressing change after a burn injury
caused by “cooking” an illicit medication. Which
statement by the nurse is most helpful?
1. “This may cause you some pain, so it is alright if
you cry.”
2. “We are going to pull the curtain around your bed
for privacy.”
3. “If you experience any pain, it is not because we
are trying to punish you.”
4. “I know that you want to be brave, so we will do
this as quickly as possible.”
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