Buy Diseases of the digestive system

Buy Diseases of the digestive system
1. The outstanding symptom of acute pancreatitis is A. nausea and vomiting
B. constipation C. jaundice
D. agonizing upper abdominal pain
E. abdominal bloating
145. All of the following are characteristic of hepatitis B antigen
EXCEPT that it is A. detected in the early acute phase
B. found in epidemiologically documented short-incubation hepatitis C. prevalent in some tropical countries D. seen in Down’s syndrome
E. localized in liver cell nuclei
146. Irritable colon syndrome includes all of the following EX- CEPT
A. underlying carcinoma
B. abdominal distress C. constipation D. diarrhea
E. small-caliber stools
42 / Diseases of the Digestive System
147. Regarding acute diverticulitis of the colon
A. pain is relieved by defecation
B. it is more frequent in women
C. it is usually in the right colon
I), it usually causes diarrhea
E. it manifests signs of peritoneal irritation
Buy Diseases of the Digestive System
148. Characteristically, carcinoid tumors
A. are more common in women
B. produce hypertension
C. produce jaundice
I), produce steatorrhea
E. are multiple in 15% to 25% of cases
149. The first symptom of appendicitis in an otherwise well in- dividual is A. anorexia
B. nausea
C”. vomiting
D. pain
E. fever
150. Argentaffin tumors of the small intestine A. are only found in the appendix
B. produce pheochromocytomas
C. produce carcinoid syndrome
D. do not metastasize
E. are always single
151. Characteristically, cancer of the esophagus
A. usually occurs in the upper third
B. is more common in females
C. has a five-year cure rate of 20%
1). may be either adenocarcinoma or squamous cell car-cinoma
E. always presents with early dysphagia
152. Epidemiology of regional enteritis includes A. more common occurrence than ulcerative colitis B. familial occurrence
(‘. rural background
1). predominance of Orientals
E. peak incidence between ages 50 and 60
Diseases of the Digestive System / 43
153. The mechanism of pain production in small bowel obstruction is thought to be
A. bowel wall distention
B. mucosal ulceration C. nerve entrapment
D. volvulus
E. fecal impaction
154. The most reliable method of measuring steatorrhea is A. xylose absorption
B. Schilling test C. x-ray studies D. stool fat quantitation
E. small intestinal biopsy
155. Acquired diverticula usually consist of
A. mucosa alone
B. serosa alone C. mucosa and serosa D. muscularis and serosa
E. the entire intestinal wall
Buy Diseases of the Digestive System
156. Which of the following is a feature of Meckel’s diverticulum?
A. It is more common in females
B. It is located in the colon
C. It rarely ulcerates D. It arises from Gartner’s duct
E. None of the above
157. A characteristic of Plummer-Vinson syndrome is A. increased frequency in men
B. esophageal diverticula C. hypochromic anemia
D. spontaneous esophageal rupture
E. none of the above
158. A clinical characteristic of regional ileitis is A. frequent acute perforation
B. melena in a majority of cases C. noninvolvement of the jejunum
D. perirectal and ischiorectal fistulas E. none of the above
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