Buy Diseases of the Respiratory System

Buy Diseases of the Respiratory System
Buy Diseases of the Respiratory System
1. A solitary lung nodule with centrally located core calcifica-tion probably represents A. adenocarcinoma
B. a benign lesion C. epidermoid carcinoma
D. metastatic carcinoma
E. oat cell carcinoma
269. The most likely precursor to bronchiectasis is A. carcinoma
B. bronchopneumonia
C. tuberculosis D. bronchial adenoma
E. pneumococcal lobar pneumonia
270. In primary pulmonary hypertension the disease processin-volves A. small pulmonary arteries B. large pulmonary arteries C. pulmonary capillaries D. fibrosis of the alveolar wall
E. organic cardiac disease
Diseases of the Respiratory System / 77 The most common cause of a lung abscess is A. aspirated infected material
B. bacterial pneumonia
C. pulmonary infarction D. metastatic carcinoma
E. infected cyst Management of aspiration pneumonia includes all of the following EXCEPT
A. antibiotics B. steroids C. oxygen
D. sedation
E. bronchoscopy The hallmark of generalized obstructive disease is reduced
A. vital capacity
B. timed vital capacity C. arterial oxygen saturation D. tidal volume
E. residual volume
Diffuse nodular fibrosis of the lung with “egg shell” calcifi- cation of lymph nodes indicates A. cigarette smoking
B. lung cancer
C. asbestosis D. hypersensitivity pneumonitis
E. silicosis “Right ventricular strain pattern,” which may be seen with
large pulmonary emboli, consists of
A. inverted T waves in II, III, AVF
B. depressed S-T segments in II, III, AVF
C. elevated S-T segments in II, III, AVF
D. Q waves in II, III, AVF
E. marked left axis deviation
78 / Diseases of the Respiratory System
Buy Diseases of the Respiratory System
276. The chief clinical symptom of pulmonary alveolar proteinosis is A. fever
B. acute bronchospasm
C. profuse sputum production
D. progressive dyspnea
E. hemoptysis
277. Which one of the following is characteristic of farmer’s lung?A. Symptoms appear a few days after exposure
B. It is caused by exposure to oxides of nitrogen C. It is usually followed by complete recovery D. It usually progresses to diffuse fibrosis E. It usually progresses to diffuse obstructive emphysema278. Compliance of the lung is reduced in all of the following EX-CEPT
A. diffuse pulmonary fibrosis B. pleural thickening C. healed tuberculosis with scarring D. emphysema
E. hyaline membrane disease
279. An agricultural worker who develops acute dyspnea withchills, fever, and cough in the presence of hay may haveA. chronic obstructive lung disease
B. fungal pneumonia
C. hay fever D. allergic interstitial pneumonitis
E. bagassosis
280. Arterial hemoglobin at sea level is oxygenated to approximately
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