Buy Endocrine Disease Assignment Help

Buy Endocrine Disease Assignment Help
Buy Endocrine Disease Assignment Help
Question 1
Is growth hormone deficiency in childhood commonly associated with
Question 2
I would like to ask why, when treating hypopituitarism, an adrenal
crisis occurs if thyroid replacement is given before steroid replacement
therapy? And what is the underlying mechanism? Thank you!
Question 3
Why, in Sheehan’s syndrome, is there an anterior pituitary involvement
more than a posterior one?
Question 4
Is the cyclic presence of Montgomery tubercles, where they reduce and
later increase, in a nulliparous woman’s breast normal? And, if so, what
is the cause?
Question 5
Buy Endocrine Disease Assignment Help
Does methyltestosterone, if given in a daily dose of 2.5 mg per day, cause
liver cell injury or hypothalamic gonadal suppression? Can this drug be
prescribed for other cases with hypothalamic hypogonadism, usually
being given by intramuscular injection or implant?
Question 6
Does IM testosterone increase levels of serum thyroid-stimulating
hormone (TSH)?
Question 7
For some time now I have been confused regarding tests for acromegaly
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