Buy Engaging Social Media Assignment

Buy Engaging Social Media Assignment
1. Explore this initiative in detail and share your thoughts on the plan. 2. Discuss your thoughts about the Tweet and whether you can support the initiative or not. Be sure to use evidence in support of your position. 3. Within the political climate of government today, does this initiative have any hope of moving forward? Share your position based on the evidence. 4. Compose a Tweet (no more than 140 characters) that adequately addresses your response to the original post and share this Tweet in the discussion
Below is the tweet to respond to. you can click on the black box to access the full tweet.
My interest is in reducing the disparity in healthcare so the tweet that will be created to be related to it.
Supplemental reading.
Kullgren, J. T., Cliff, E. Q., Krenz, C., West, B. T., Levy, H., Fendrick, A. M.,

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