Buy Entrepreneur Interview And Case Study

Buy Entrepreneur Interview And Case Study
The purpose of this project is to examine an entrepreneur and the new venture created by this individual. A key to success in an entrepreneurial endeavor is spending time with entrepreneurs and understanding their decision making, efforts, and handling of conflicts and failures. For this assignment, make sure to write a paper in a narrative, story form. Do NOT transcribe your interview (e.g., Q: Describe your opportunity/A: I discovered my opportunity via XYZ). Use paragraph form and headers.
Your report will contain the following six components:
Buy Entrepreneur Interview And Case Study
1. Introduction. Provide an opening section that summarizes both the industry and the specific business that the entrepreneur entered. Include how you located your entrepreneur, how you conducted the interview (e.g., informal, formal, structured, unstructured, in person, phone, Skype, etc.), and how the remainder of the report is organized.
2. Opportunity. Describe the opportunity the entrepreneur decided to pursue as well as the influences that lead the entrepreneur to both identify and pursue this opportunity.
Buy Entrepreneur Interview And Case Study
3. Getting Started. Provide information on the steps the entrepreneur took to move from just an idea to getting started in this business. Give the months and years when the entrepreneur did these activities. Also provide the major problems that were encountered during the creation of this new venture and how these problems were dealt with.
4. Network – Team. Discuss the additional individuals the entrepreneur used for help or guidance as well as the team they established to start this new venture.
5. Future. Present the entrepreneur’s ideas for the future of the venture and him or herself. Also, indicate the growth strategy for the venture.
6. Analysis and Conclusions. Write an analysis of your thoughts about why this entrepreneur was successful starting this venture and an analysis of the venture itself.

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