Buy Factors That Affect Nutrition Assignment

Buy Factors That Affect Nutrition Assignment
Buy Factors That Affect Nutrition Assignment
1. A nurse is caring for a patient who is receiving continuous nutritional support via a nasogastric (NG) tube that
is regulated by an enteral feeding pump. The nurse
identifies that the patient is having difficulty breathing
and is restless. What should the nurse do first?
1. Use a nasal cannula to provide oxygen.
2. Activate the hold button on the feeding.
3. Raise the bed to the high-Fowler position.
4. Immediately notify the primary health-care provider.
. A nurse is caring for a patient who is receiving parenteral nutrition. Which nursing actions are essential
when providing care for this patient? Select all that
],___________ Use tubing with an in-line filter.
2, __________ Obtain the vital signs every 8 hours.
3, __________ Monitor blood glucose every 4 hours.
4 Compare the patient’s daily weight to
fluid intake and output.
5, _______ Hang 5% to 10% dextrose solution
if the infusion is interrupted.
. A nurse is caring for a patient who had a large portion
of the stomach surgically removed due to stomach
cancer and is now experiencing dumping syndrome.
Buy Factors That Affect Nutrition Assignment
For which clinical indicator of dumping syndrome
should the nurse assess the patient after the patient
completes a meal?
1. Hyperperistalsis
2. Bradycardia
3. Dyspnea
4, Hypoxia
. A primary health-care provider orders blood glucose
monitoring before meals and at bedtime for a patient.
Place the following steps in the order in which they
should be implemented.
1. Wipe away the first drop of blood.
2. Cleanse the area with alcohol and let it dry thoroughly.
3. Place the hanging drop of blood gently on the end
of the test strip.
4. Put the patient’s finger in a dependent position in
a cup of warm water.
5. Prick the site with the lancet while holding it
perpendicular to the patient’s finger.
6. Check the code number on the strip and ensure that
it compares with the code on the monitor screen.
. A nurse is caring for a patient who was admitted to
the hospital from home. Family members reported
having difficulty getting the patient to eat. Which laboratory test should the nurse monitor because it is the
best indicator of the patient’s nutritional status?
1. Albumin
2. Transferrin
3. Blood urea nitrogen
4. Total lymphocyte count
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