Buy Financial Markets Discussion Assignment

Buy Financial Markets Discussion Assignment
Buy Financial Markets Discussion Assignment
What can be done to stop the next stock market crash? 112
How much is a stock’s value based on real assets of a given
company versus the perception of that company? 114
What is the difference between stocks and bonds? 117
What is “the market”? 119
What’s the difference between the different markets—for
example, NASDAQ, Dow Jones, and the New York
Stock Exchange—and where do the commodity
markets fit in? 120
What is “mark to market”? 122
Who manages the infrastructure of electronic banking
and information sharing that, for example, allows
me to withdraw money from my bank account almost
anywhere in the world? Is it decentralized like the
Internet? And how vulnerable is it—would it be
theoretically possible for some malign entity to delete
electronic records of holdings, in the digital equivalent
to setting fire to a big pile of cash? 123
It makes me nervous to see banks advertising so much. It
means they’re not paying enough interest on the
money—my money—that they’re holding. Why
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Buy Financial Markets Discussion Assignment
Why are commercial banks classified differently from
investment banks? 126
How does it benefit banks to foreclose on homes that
they can’t sell? 127
What are hedge funds, and why are they so mysterious?
Can I be hurt if a hedge fund goes under, even if I
don’t participate in hedge-fund investing? 128
What is a mortgage-backed security? 129
What are interest rates? How and why do they change? 131
What is a “financial panic”? 133
Why was deregulation of the financial industry so
firmly sought by the U.S. government? Could this
deregulation be the cause of any recession that
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