Buy Further Information and Nursing Process

Buy Further Information and Nursing Process
Buy Further Information and Nursing Process
1. Which predisposing factor would be implicated in the
etiology of an avoidant personality disorder?
1. Parents were demanding and perfectionist with
unrealistic expectations
2. Parental rejection and censure
3. Parental bleakness and pervasive, unfeeling
4. Parental approval only when behaviors met
parental expectations
2. A client is being assessed for schizotypal personality
disorder. Which of the following behaviors would the
nurse expect to note? Select all that apply.
1. The client experiences magical thinking and ideas
of reference.
2. The client has an intense fear of making mistakes,
leading to difficulty with decision-making.
3. Under stress, the client may decompensate and
demonstrate various psychotic behaviors.
4. The client is extremely vulnerable and constantly on
the defensive.
5. The client is aloof and may have an affect that is
bland or inappropriate.
3. The nurse expects to establish a supportive therapeutic
relationship with a client diagnosed with schizotypal
personality disorder. Which nursing intervention is
most appropriate?
1. Set limits on acting-out behaviors and explain
2. Present reality when client is experiencing magical
3. Encourage client to gradually verbalize hostile
4. Remove all dangerous objects from the
Buy Further Information and Nursing Process
4. Which nursing intervention takes priority when caring
for a client with a nursing diagnosis: risk for otherdirected violence R/T rage reactions, negative rolemodeling, and the inability to tolerate frustration?
1. Assess for self-injurious intent and available
2. Observe the client’s behavior frequently.
3. Place the client in strict seclusion.
4. Help the client identify situations that provoke
5. personality disorder is characterized
by a pattern of intense and chaotic relationships with
affective instability and fluctuating attitudes toward
other people
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