Buy Hormone Secreting Ovarian Tumours Discussion

Buy Hormone Secreting Ovarian Tumours Discussion
Buy Hormone Secreting Ovarian Tumours Discussion
1. Which of the following methods are
used to manage a malignant ovarian
A. Total abdon1inal hysterecto1ny,
bilateral salpingo-oophorecton1y and
omentectomy for a stage IA tumour
in a multiparous woman.
B. Total abdominal hysterectomy, bilateral
salpingo-oophorecto1ny and rnne.ntecton1y followed by chemotherapy for
a stage IC tun,our in a nulliparous
C. Total abdo1ninal hysterecton1y,
bilateral salpingo-oophorecton1y
and 001entectomy followed by
c hen1otherapy for stage lA grade
3 tun1ou rs.
D. Total abdonlinal hysterectomy, bilateral
salpingo-oophorectoo1y a nd omentectomy followed by radiotherapy for
a stage IC tumour.
£. Unilateral salpingo-oophorecton1y
and omentecton1y and full thickness
biopsy of the other ovary for a stage
IA tun1C>ur in a 30-year old nulliparous
Ref for questions 14-15:
• (Jvarian cmu:er: Rerog11ih’on and iu;tial mmragement,
NICE Oirricalguide/i11e, l’ublishetl: 27 April 2011,
page 9-10.
• SBA Questions in Gynaecology, p,1ge 62-64.
Buy Hormone Secreting Ovarian Tumours Discussion
2. CA 125 is elevated in:
A. Endodermal sinus tumour.
B. Endometriotic carcinon1a.
C. Endon1elriosis.
D. Granulosa cell h.101our.
E. Serous cystadenocarcinoma.
3. Which of the following is true regarding
CA 125?
A. An elevation up to600 U/n1I is found
in endometriosi~.
B. An elevation below 200lJ/n1l is found
in fibroids and pelvic inflammatory
C. It is used in the diagnosis of all nongerm cell malignant ovarian tun1ours.
D. It is performed annually as a screening
test for ovarian carcinon1a in postmenopausal won1en.
E. Serial values are used to as.~ess the
response to treatment in n1alignant
ovarian tumours.
Ref for questio11s 16–17:
• Gree11-tap Guideline Na. 62, RCOG/BSGE Joint
Guideline, November 20·11, 4.2.
• SBA Questions in Gy11ae,·ology, page 64.
4. Which of the following is true regarding
tumour markers in ovarian tumours?
A. Inhibin level~ are elevated in gran ulosa
cell tun1ours.
B. Inhibin levels are used in tun1our
surveillance after treatment of granulosa
cell tumours.
C. Presence of n1ullarian inhibiting
substance in a posto1enopausa.l woman
is a sensitive marker for granulosa cell
D. Seruo1 alpha fetoprotein and lactate
dehydrogenase levels are elevated in
endodermal sinus tun1our.
E. Serun1 alpha fetoprotein and lactate
dehydrogenase levels are used to
sa·een for endodennal sinus tumour.
(R,f SBA Questions in Gynaecolgy, page 64).
Buy Hormone Secreting Ovarian Tumours Discussion
19. Which of the following are J1ormone
secreting ovarian tumours?
A. Brenner tumour.
B. Endode.rmal sinus tumour.
C. Granulosa cell tumours.
·o. Sertoli-Leydig cell tumour.
E. Struma ovari i.
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