Buy Inheritance Variation And Evolution

Buy Inheritance Variation And Evolution
Buy Inheritance Variation And Evolution
Cystic fibrosis (CF) is an inherited disorder.
A healthy couple have a child with CF.
1–1 Explain how this shows that CF is caused by a recessive allele. [2]
1–2 Draw a genetic diagram to show how the healthy couple could
have a child with CF. [3]
Use the symbols:
H = dominant allele and h = recessive allele.
1–3 The couple want to have another child. Give the probability of
the couple having a child with CF. Use information from your
genetic diagram. [1]
1–4 The couple decide to use embryo screening so that only an
embryo without the CF allele will be put into the mother’s uterus.
During embryo screening, gametes from the parents are joined by
fertilisation and an embryo develops. One cell is removed from
the embryo and screened for the CF allele.
Name the gametes produced by the parents. [1]
1–5 Give the number of chromosomes that would be found in the cell
from the embryo that is removed for screening. Explain your answer. [3]
1–6 Evaluate the use of embryo screening to have a child without CF. [4]
Total: 14
2 Bacteria are small, single-celled organisms.
Bacteria reproduce asexually by binary fission.
2–1 The ancestors of modern bacteria appeared on Earth about four
billion years ago.
Explain why it is difficult for scientists to be certain about what
these early organisms were like. [2]
2–2 Living things can be classified into groups. Carl Woese developed
a ‘three-domain system’ of classification. One of the domains is ‘bacteria’.
Name the two other domains in the ‘three-domain system’. [2]
2–3 Figure 3 shows a bacterial cell.
single DNA loop
small ring of DNA
Figure 3
Give the correct name of the small ring of DNA shown in Figure 3. [1]
2–4 The bacterial cell has cytoplasm. What is the function of the cytoplasm? [1]
p392–3 WS1.2 MS2e
p425–6 4.6.4
Buy Inheritance Variation And Evolution
6 Inheritance, variation and evolution
2–5 Bacterial cells are prokaryotic. Give one piece of evidence from
Figure 3 that bacterial cells are prokaryotic. [1]
2–6 Scientists can use genetic engineering to produce human insulin.
Scientists can isolate the gene for human insulin.
Describe how scientists would use the isolated gene and the
bacterial cell in Figure 3 to produce insulin. [4]
2–7 The small rings of DNA shown in Figure 3 can carry genes for
antibiotic resistance. One of the genes is for resistance to an
antibiotic called methicillin.
Explain how the overuse of methicillin produced a population of
bacteria that are resistant to the antibiotic. [3]
2–8 Suggest two ways that doctors could help to reduce the rate of
development of antibiotic resistant bacteria. [2]
Total: 16
3 Mosquitoes are insects that are vectors for malaria. Female
mosquitoes bite humans to feed on blood.
A company has genetically engineered mosquitoes to produce
genetically modified (GM) male mosquitoes. The GM male
mosquitoes carry a gene from bacteria. The offspring of the GM
males will die before they become adults.
3–1 Describe how the company used genetic engineering to produce
GM mosquitoes. [4]
3–2 The GM male mosquitoes will be released into the wild where
they will breed and pass on their genes.
Evaluate the release of the GM mosquitoes into the wild.
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