Buy Inheritance Variation Variation And Evolutions

Buy Inheritance Variation Variation And Evolutions
Buy Inheritance Variation Variation And Evolutions
Quick questions
1 Which type of cell division forms non-identical cells?
2 Which type of cell division forms identical cells?
3 What are the gametes in plants called?
4 Describe the structure of DNA.
5 What is the genome of an organism?
6 What is ‘polydactyly’?
7 How many pairs of chromosomes does an ordinary human body cell contain?
Exam-style questions
8 Organisms may reproduce asexually, sexually or both.
8–1 In sexual reproduction, cells in the reproductive organs divide to
form gametes. Describe the process of gamete formation. [3]
8–2 Copy and complete the following sentences. Choose your answers
from the options below. [6]
double egg fertilisation meiosis mitosis pollen single sperm
The female gamete in humans is called the ___________ and the
male gamete is called ____________.
Gametes are produced by ______________ and contain a ___________
set of chromosomes.
Gametes join together during a process called __________________ and
the new cell divides by ______________.
8–3 Human body cells have 46 chromosomes, but gametes only have
23 chromosomes. Explain why it is important for gametes to have
23 chromosomes. [2]
Total: 11
9 Genes are small sections of DNA that code for a specific protein.
A gene often has two alleles.
9–1 Define the term ‘allele’. [1]
9–2 Alleles can be expressed to give the phenotype of an organism.
Describe the alleles present for a recessive allele to be expressed
in the phenotype. [1]

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