Buy Major Contribution To Scientific Knowledge

Buy Major Contribution To Scientific Knowledge
Buy Major Contribution To Scientific Knowledge
1. Sandro Botticelli’s two most famous works, The Birth of Venus and
La Primavera,
(A) convey the spiritual appeal of the afterlife
(B) portray nature and humans realistically
(C) are dominated by pagan themes
(D) illustrate the dominance of males over females
2. Which famous Italian Renaissance artist worked as a military
engineer in Milan?
(A) Michelangelo
(B) Caravaggio
(C) Raphael
(D) Leonardo da Vinci
3. In the late 15th and early 16th centuries, four popes sponsored some
of the most talented artists of the Italian Renaissance. Sometimes
called the “Warrior Pope,” this head of the Catholic Church is hailed
as the greatest patron of the arts among the four:
(A) Sextus IV
(B) Julius II
(C) Leo X
(D) Paul III
Buy Major Contribution To Scientific Knowledge
4. Florence’s Filippo Brunelleschi is considered one of the founding
fathers of the Italian Renaissance. His seminal work in Florence is
(A) Ponte Vecchio
(B) The Gates of Paradise on the Baptistry
(C) The dome of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (the
(D) The Uffizi Palace
5. A style employed at times by some Renaissance artists such as
Michelangelo and Raphael is exemplified by distorted poses and
elongated limbs. This style was called
(A) Mannerism
(B) High Renaissance
(C) Early Renaissance
(D) Byzantine
6. Which Italian Renaissance architect has continued to influence
architecture down the ages, including having a significant impact on
American president Thomas Jefferson?
(A) Filippo Brunelleschi
(B) Andrea Palladio
(C) Donato Bramante
(D) Leon Battista Alberti
7.The view that was accepted in Europe until the 16th century that the
sun and planets revolved around the earth was known as the
(A) Socratic concept of the universe
(B) Platonic concept of the universe
(C) Diocletian concept of the universe
(D) Ptolemaic concept of the universe
8. Nicholas Copernicus’s major contribution to scientific knowledge
(A) the discovery of the laws of gravitational pull
(B) that the universe was heliocentric
(C) the development of calculus
(D) the development of the periodic table of elements
Buy Major Contribution To Scientific Knowledge
9. Galileo helped to confirm Copernicus’s major contribution to
scientific knowledge
(A) with the development of advanced mathematics
(B) with the development of the telescope
(C) by reading the Bible
(D) by making advances in alchemy
10. What effect did the Scientific Revolution have on the authority of the
Catholic Church?
(A) It strengthened its intellectual authority since most scientists of
the 16th century were Catholic.
(B) It weakened its authority since more natural phenomena that had
been traditionally left to the clerical leaders were now being
explained through scientific inquiry.
(C) The Catholic Church worked closely with the scientific
community to develop methods that would alleviate suffering on
(D) It led to the Protestant Reformation.
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