Buy Major function of HUAC Discussion

Buy Major function of HUAC Discussion
Buy Major function of HUAC Discussion
451. Th e major function of HUAC was to
(A) provide education funding for veterans
(B) stop domestic infi ltration of communism
(C) contain the spread of communism in Europe
(D) demobilize the American economy from wartime production
(E) investigate the actions taken by Joseph McCarthy
452. Th e Crucible by Arthur Miller was an analogy of the Salem Witch Trials of
New England and
(A) the events of the Holocaust
(B) racism in the southern states
(C) the acts of Joseph McCarthy’s Senate committee
(D) the rise of Hitler in Nazi Germany
(E) the infi ltration of communism in the United States
453. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed for
(A) refusing to denounce the Communist Party
(B) giving nuclear weapons secrets to the Soviet Union
(C) serving as German spies during the Second World War
(D) giving nuclear weapons secrets to China
(E) attempting to assassinate President Eisenhower
The Cold War and Postwar America ❮ 115
454. During the decade following the Second World War, the U.S. national
Buy Major function of HUAC Discussion
(A) more than doubled
(B) fell back into depression
(C) suff ered from a decade-long recession
(D) remained mostly unchanged
(E) relied mostly on European loans
455. Which of the following was not a result of the Korean War?
(A) Establishment of a military-industrial complex
(B) Th e racial integration of the armed forces
(C) Division of the Korean Peninsula at the 38th Parallel
(D) Passage of the Montgomery G.I. Bill
(E) A peace treaty between the United States and Japan
456. Th e Eisenhower Doctrine illustrated
(A) a more relaxed approach to the spread of communism
(B) the return of American isolationism
(C) a rejection of the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan
(D) fears of the spread of communism in Asia
(E) the increased role of petroleum in American foreign policy
457. President Kennedy’s policy of “fl exible response” diff ered from
Eisenhower’s New Look Policy in that
(A) it restricted the use of nuclear weapons
(B) it allowed for a response to a wider spectrum of warfare
(C) it focused on securing American access to the Middle East
(D) it created an alliance of North Atlantic nations against the Soviet
(E) it promised military and economic support to nations fi ghting
458. President Harry Truman’s domestic program was called the
(A) Fair Deal
(B) Great Society
(C) New Deal
(D) New Frontier
(E) Square Deal
Buy Major function of HUAC Discussion
116 ❯ 500 AP U.S. History Questions to Know by Test Day
459. Which of the following was an accomplishment of President Eisenhower’s
domestic policy?
(A) Expansion of the Tennessee Valley Authority
(B) Launch of the fi rst satellite into space
(C) Creation of a national interstate highway system
(D) Creation of federally funded health care for the elderly
(E) Creation of the Department of Housing and Urban Aff airs
460. William J. Levitt helped the expansion of the American suburbs by
(A) introducing mass-produced housing developments
(B) creating the Federal Housing Administration
(C) designing an interstate highway system
(D) establishing the installment plan
(E) creating an improved mass-transit system
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