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Q1. Ali has a large DVD movie collection. His friends like to borrow his DVD’s, and he needs a way to keep track of who has what. He maintains a list of friends, identified by unique FID’s (friend identifiers) and a list of DVD’s, identified by DVD_ID’s (DVD identifiers). With each friend is the name: First name and last name, and the all-important telephone numbers which he can call to get the DVD back. With each DVD is the star actor name and title. Whenever a friend borrows a DVD, Ali will enter that fact into his database along with the date borrowed. Whenever the DVD gets returned, that fact, too, gets noted along with the date returned. Ali wants to keep a complete history of his friends’ borrowing habits so that he can ask favors of the heavy borrowers (or perhaps refuse to make further loans to those who habitually do not return them quickly).
a). As a system analyst, construct a conceptual ER/ EER diagram for the DVD rental database. Be certain to indicate identifiers and cardinality constraints.
b). Based on the given case and your conceptual ER/ EER diagram, construct the logical relational model for the DVD rental database.
Q2. Production tracking is important in many manufacturing environments (e.g., the pharmaceuticals industry, children’s toys, etc.). The following ER diagram captures important information in the tracking of production. Specifically, the ER diagram captures relationships between production lots (or batches), individual production units, and raw materials. As a database designer, convert the below ER model into a well-structured relational model.
In Q1 (b) and Q2 we don’t need table we need in Q1 (b) Relation EER diagram not schedule and in Q2 he gives us EER relation diagram we need a to transformation the Relation to EER diagram also I will post an example picture of the question.
The is an example for q1(b):
And for Q2: we should change it like this one and that example

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