Buy Marketing Websites FAQs Discussion

Buy Marketing Websites FAQs Discussion
Buy Marketing Websites FAQs Discussion
FAQs, or Frequently Asked Questions, used to appear on every website. As web users have become more savvy,
this has evolved and these questions usually appear at the end of a page under specific headings.
Key questions that retail websites need to answer include:
• Delivery details.
• Information on returns.
These details can be contained within a ‘shopping with us’ section.
An ‘about us’ section may answer questions and give the buyer greater comfort from knowing more about you.
It’s easier to buy from a person than a faceless company and this can be enhanced by including testimonials
from happy customers.
Buy Marketing Websites FAQs Discussion
Companies selling services need to provide credibility and the ‘about us’ section is likely to contain answers to
questions including:
• Who are you?
• What can you do for us?
• Why should we choose you?
To answer these questions, it is a good idea to include details of the directors and key staff, any awards won and
accreditations held. Service companies’ websites should include information about their clients but, sometimes,
sharing client names is a concern for service businesses. Also, some clients will not give their permission for the
work to be broadcast. In this case, provide quotes without names to illustrate the sectors in which the company
Buy Marketing Websites FAQs Discussion
Other FAQs can be all those questions that you receive by telephone, whether it is ‘where are you based?’, or
‘can we collect?’, or ‘what are your opening hours?’. All these subjects can be contained in the website, which
saves your business time and money, by avoiding staff repeatedly answering the same questions on the phone
or by email.
Buy Marketing Websites FAQs Discussion
HINT: Don’t forget that, if you are recruiting, a good place to advertise the vacancy and include more
information is on your own company website. Then, when callers telephone requesting information,
they can be directed to the website.
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