Buy Micro And Macro Economics Discussion

Buy Micro And Macro Economics Discussion
Buy Micro And Macro Economics Discussion
Q40 How does the behavioural theory of the business explain how
businesses work?  
Q41 How does a business decide how much to produce?  
Q42 How do businesses know how much to increase prices for a
product or service?  
Q43 What happens to demand for gin when the price of tonic changes?  
Q44 What is break-even analysis?    
Q45 What are diminishing returns?
Q46 What are the major ‘-isms’ in economics? 
Q47 What is the macro-economy?    
Q48 What is an economy’s capital stock? Why does it matter?  
Q49 How are the parts of the economy connected together?     
Q50 What is inflation?
Q51 What is hyperinflation?  
Q52 What is deflation and why is it so worrying?  
Q53 How do businesses decide which projects to fund, and which ones
to drop?  
Buy Micro And Macro Economics Discussion
Q54 Why does the same amount of money buy less today than when I
was a child?  
Q55 What determines the exchange rate between currencies?  
Q56 Why don’t Big Macs cost the same in every country?  
Q57 If the government devalues the currency, will this help my
business?    
Q58 Why does every country have a central bank? What does it do? 
Q59 What is an economic and monetary union?  
Q60 Why are cartels banned in most countries?   
Q61 What is a labour market?  
Q62 What is the balance of payments?  
Q63 What is globalisation? 
Q64 Does free trade work?  
Q65 Why does comparative advantage mean that free trade is almost
always better than restricted trade?  
Q66 Why do import / export tariffs matter for free trade?   
Q67 What is economic efficiency? 
Q68 What are government debts and why do they matter?    
Q69 What is liquidity?      
Q70 What is Gross Domestic Product?   
Q71 What is the GDP deflator?   
Buy Micro And Macro Economics Discussion
Q72 What is the business cycle?  
Q73 How fast should an economy grow? 
Q74 What is economic development?  
Q75 What is economic inequality?  
Q76 What is the paradox of thrift?
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