Buy National and International Days and Dates

Buy National and International Days and Dates
Buy National and International Days and Dates
1. National Youth Day’ is celebrated on
which date [SSC 2015, 13]
(a) 15th January (b) 9th January
(c) 18th January (d) 12th January
2. ‘Army Day’ is celebrated on ……… in
India in recognition of Field Marshal
KM Cariappa’s taking over as the first
Commander-in-Chief of the Indian
Army from Sir Francis Butcher in 1948.
[UPPSC 2018]
(a) 20th January (b) 12th January
(c) 15th January (d) 26th December
National and International Days and Dates
3. 23rd January is celebrated as the
birthday of
(a) Guru Govind Singh
(b) Subhash Chandra Bose
(c) Debendranath Tagore
(d) Chandra Shekhar Azad
4. India celebrated/will celebrate its 70th
Constitution Day in [WBCS 2020]
(a) 2020 (b) 2018 (c) 2017 (d) 2019
5. In India, 24th January is celebrated as
[SSC CGL 2019]
(a) National Girl Child Day
(b) National Farmers Day
(c) National Agricultural Day
(d) National Old Person Day
6. ‘National Voter’s Day’ is celebrated on
which date? [UPPSC (Pre) 2015]
(a) 15th January (b) 25th January
(c) 15th February (d) 25th February
7. When is Data Protection Day
(a) 28th January (b) 30th December
(c) 27th October (d) 20th February
8. 15th Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas in
January 2019 was held in which city?
(a) Varanasi (b) Vadodara
(c) Jaipur (d) Pune
9. Every year ‘Women’s Day is celebrated
on 13th February in the memory of
(a) Indira Gandhi (b) Kamla Nehru
(c) Sarojini Naidu (d) Lakshmi Bai
10. On which date ‘National Science Day’
is celebrated?
(a) 5th May (b) 15th March
(c) 5th January (d) 28th February
11. Chaitra 1 of the national calendar
based on the Saka Era corresponds to
which one of the following dates of the
Gregorian calendar in a normal year of
395 days? [IAS (Pre) 2014]
National and International Days and Dates
(a) 22nd March (or 21st March)
(b) 15th May (or 16th May)
(c) 31st March (or 30th March)
(d) 21st April (or 20th April)
12. The birthday of which personality
celebrated every year on 14th April?
(a) Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
(b) Dr BR Ambedkar
(c) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
(d) Dr APJ Abdul Kalam
13. ‘National Civil Services Day’ is
observed on
(a) 20th April (b) 21st April
(c) 25th April (d) 30th April
15. In India, National Panchayati Day’ is
celebrated on which date?
(a) 26th January (b) 2nd October
(c) 21st April (d) 24th April
16. When is ‘Common Service Centre
Divas’ observed?
(a) 14th July (b) 16th July
(c) 29th July (d) 4th August
17. The National Handloom Day is
observed on [CDS 2017]
(a) 7th June (b) 17th July
(c) 7th August (d) 17th September
18. When is ‘Quit India Day’ celebrated?
(a) September 8th (b) August 19th
(c) August 9th (d) None of these
19. Which date is National Sports Day
observed in India? [SSC CGL 2019]
(a) 29th August (b) 4th May
(c) 17th September (d) 5th July
20. ‘Teachers’ Day is observed every year
in India on [WBCS 2020]
(a) 5th September (b) 2nd October
(c) 6th November (d) 25th December
21. When is ‘Hindi Diwas’ celebrated?
(a) 12th October (b) 19th October
(c) 14th September (d) 7th September
22. ‘National Education Day’ is celebrated
(a) 12th November (b) 11th November
(c) 5th November (d) 29th October
23. When is the ‘Navy Day’ celebrated
every year in India?
(a) 29th December (b) 4th December
(c) 10th December (d) 12th January
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